128 Days at the Roadblocks

After the first austerity measures were implemented by the government, the people of Keratea, a small town next to Athens, decided to fight against the inevitable environmental degradation, the authoritarian practices of the state and the corporate interests behind the construction of a waste dump right next to their houses and farms.

  • Konstantinos Katrios

    Born in 1982, lives in Athens.

    Kostantinos Katrios works as production manager for Doctv.gr. He has been working for the television, cinema and advertising industry since 2010.

  • Afrodite Bampasi

    Born in 1985, lives in Athens.

    Afrodite Bampasi works as a political scientist, currently as an associate of a member of the Greek parliament. She also writes articles on human rights issues such as refugee and prisoner rights.


  • Epameinondas Skarpelis

    Born in Syros in 1978, lives in Athens.

    Epameinondas Skarpelis works as a cinematographer and editor. He has worked with some of the most significant festivals and television channels in Greece.