Approaches on Displacement 2

Activists, artists and researchers will share their experiences and perspectives about several aspects of migration and exile.

  • Laura Maragoudaki

    (Tracing Movement, filmmaker / Greece)

    During the summer of 2011, filmmakers Laura Maragoudaki, Sylvie Planel and Matthieu Quillet travelled across Greece, Bulgaria and Italy with a mobile cinema unit and documented a number of struggles by groups of migrants demanding to be heard and respected. This method of meeting and exchanging experiences through film and debate formed the basis of a series of short films, a collection that acts as a snapshot of migrants’ experiences and struggles, against a backdrop of capitalist crisis, the rise of the extreme right, anti-migration rhetoric and further violent securitisation of EU territories.

  • Sofia Grigoriadou

    (artist and co funder of TWIXTlab / Greece )

    Sofia Grigoriadou is currently conducting research on the different approaches to people’s displacement through things and the way they act in related artworks and the media. It appears that last year “migration” was a recurrent topic developed by artists and activists in a wide range of activities, from renowned international artistic events to locally based interventions and online projects.

    Her research is part of the blog that she runs together with Elli Vassalou, an artist and architect.

  • Nikolas Kosmatopoulos

    (anthropology and politics professor, AUB / Greece-Lebanon)

    Blocking the machine has always been at the core of century-long resistance and emancipatory movements. The Luddite sabotage, Rosa Luxemburg’s General Strike, workers’ shutdowns of energy pipelines and networks, the Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions in Palestine, have been celebrated counter-practices to historical and contemporary regimes of accumulation by dispossession. Yet, today’s expanding states of siege, secrecy, displacement and abandonment reveal the revolutionary potential of flow-facilitating practices. The presentation will reflect on recent phenomena from the perspective of flow, such as the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, the Arab uprisings, Hezbollah’s war machine, and the self-organized solidarity structures for refugees in Greece, as well as possible openings for the politics of influence and emancipation.

  • Juma Hamdo

    (film director and researcher / Syria-Germany)

    Born in Kobani, north of Syria in 1984, Juma Hamdo graduated from the University of Damascus with a BA in Media studies. Since 2008, Hamdo has been working as a freelance director and researcher. Currently, Hamdo lives in Berlin and he is working on his first mid length documentary, Rude Refugee Diaries-Beirut, about three young Syrians who moved to Beirut in 2011 where they met for the first time, after the demonstrations took place in Syria. The film follows each of the three characters as they go about their everyday life, shares their individual experiences, and questions the relationship that each one of them has with Beirut, a difficult city to build a warm and quick relationship with, especially given that the young men are split between what’s happening in their homeland and trying to survive in a city away from their families and usual contexts.