Approaches on Displacement

Activists, artists and researchers will share their experiences and perspectives on several aspects of migration and exile.

  • Efi Latsoudi

    (activist and filmmaker / Greece)

    Latsoudi has been working in juvenile prisons and in psychiatric institutions, as well as scriptwriting and making short documentaries and films. She moved to Lesbos in 2001 where she has participated in PIKPA, an open, self-organised camp for refugees and migrants. Having been involved with refugees and migrants for more than 10 years, she will talk about witnessing the desperation, fatigue and pain of the migrants and refugees, the tragedies they saw at sea, and their anger against the cruelty of EU immigration policies. She will also discuss grassroots solidarity.

  • Gabriele Del Grande

    (director, journalist and founder of “Fortress Europe” / Italy)

    Del Grande founded the website “Fortress Europe” (2006), an Observatory of the victims of the European borders, which is one of the most reliable sources on European border issues. He has also been covering the Arab Spring and the wars in Libya and Syria. He co-directed the movie On the Bride’s Side (2014, 98′).

  • Hashem Adnan

    (member of Zoukak Theatre Company / Lebanon)

    Adnan will provide insight into the particular ways in which the Zoukak Theatre Company works. Founded in 2006 and based in Beirut, Zoukak uses collective and community work methodologies, with a diversity of theatrical languages. The company’s artistic approach and its various techniques are steeped in drama therapy and social theatre. It focuses on dealing with people facing difficult circumstances, both chronically and occasionally as for instance, situations resulting from war, physical and non-physical violence, extreme circumstances of displacement and marginalisation in Lebanon and abroad.


  • Sofia Grigoriadou

    (artist and co-funder of TWIXTlab / Greece)

    Grigoriadou is currently conducting research on the different approaches to people’s displacement through things and the way they act in related artworks and the media. “Migration” was a recurrent topic developed by artists and activists in a wide range of activities in 2015. This included renowned international artistic events, locally based interventions and online projects.

    Her research is part of the blog   that she runs together with Elli Vassalou, an artist and architect.


  • Emmanuel Haddad

    (freelance journalist / France & Lebanon)

    Haddad has been working between Greece and Lebanon for the last three years.

    Only dozens of migrants and refugees were arriving from Turkey to Lesbos in 2013 but by then already, Greek authorities responded by closing an open-door citizen-made camp (PIKPA) to deter more arrivals. Meanwhile, after several years of relative tolerance, Lebanon shut its doors and tightened its policies towards Syrians fleeing the war.

    Haddad will, through the eyes and the voices of Syrians he met while they were moving from one country to another, try to recount their itineraries, discuss changing legal frameworks and explore how, from Lebanon to Greece and beyond, migration policies are moulding refugees’ lives.


  • Tracing Movements

    (activists and filmmakers / Greece, GB & France)

    During the summer of 2011, filmmakers Laura Maragoudaki, Sylvie Planel and Matthieu Quillet travelled across Greece, Bulgaria and Italy with a mobile cinema unit and documented a number of struggles by groups of migrants demanding to be heard and respected. This method of meeting and exchanging experiences through film and debate formed the basis of a series of short films. Their collection effectively acts as a snapshot of migrants’ experiences and struggles, against a backdrop of capitalist crisis, the rise of the extreme right, anti-migration rhetoric and further violent securitisation of EU territories.