Artists in Times of Conflict

How do artists confront aspects of crisis, conflict and war? How does their involvement with the social movements politically and/or artistically influence their practices and production methods and vice versa? Which methods do they adopt or invent in order to produce art in such extreme circumstances and contexts?

  • Aris Chatzistefanou

    (journalist and filmmaker / Greece)

    Chatzistefanou started his career as a journalist at Radio Skai 100.3, launching his own successful show Infowar in 2005. His documentary about the Greek debt crisis, Debtocracy (2011), caused the cancellation of his programme and his dismissal.

    He has worked for the BBC World Service and for The Guardian and has co-founded the magazine Unfollow. He also directed and co-directed several crowd-funded and free to download documentaries such as Catastroika (2012), Fascism Inc. (2014) and This is not a coup (2016).

  • Fani Bitou

    (artist / Greece)

    Bitou’s art practice includes documentaries, installations, videos and interventions in public spaces, in combination with research in historical archives, oral history and everyday life practices of the social subject. She has been working on a documentary about Athens’ Victoria Square since 2013, a square inhabited by immigrants that has being used as a scapegoat  in the years of crisis.

  • Elpida Rikou and Eleana Yalouri

    (anthropologist, artist and co-funder of TWIXTlab / anthropologist and archaeologist / Greece)

    Εlpida Rikou and Eleana Yalouri, who coordinate the international research project ‘Learning from documenta’, will discuss aspects of their research related to the presence of documenta 14 in Athens in 2017 in the present historical, political and socioeconomic conjuncture.

  • Ziad Kalthoum

    (filmmaker / Syria & Germany)

    Kalthoum is a documentary filmmaker who works on social and political topics. His movie The Immortal Sergeant (2013) is an auto fiction, a testimony of the daily lives of the inhabitants of Damascus during the war. His latest movie, Deek Beirut (Beirut Rooster) (2016), explores the impact that the destruction and fighting in Syria took on the lives of Syrian construction workers living in Lebanon.