Emerging Solidarities

In December 2010, thirty-five migrant workers went to the town hall in Ioannina, a small city in the west of Greece, and began a public hunger strike, which lasted 12 days. Their demand was to be paid for months of work at a large tomato plantation by their employer who had treated them as slaves. Their public protest made them visible and soon attracted the support of local people. Political support turned into personal relationships, which led to the formation of a community.


  • Tracing Movements

    Tracing Movements is a collaborative film project, documenting collective and political resistance against a Europe, which tirelessly attempts to filter and control the movement of people across and within its borders.

  • Laura Maragoudaki

    Laura Maragoudaki is a visual artist and filmmaker based in Athens.


  • Sylvie Plannel

    Sylvie Plannel is a researcher, filmmaker and grassroots farmer based in the United Kingdom.


  • Matthieu Quillet

    Matthieu Quillet is an independent documentary filmmaker based in the south of France.