Future Suspended

Future Suspended explores the legacy of mass privatisation projects that preceded the 2004 Olympics held in Athens, looking at the ever-shrinking spaces of migrants in the city and the resulting devaluation of their lives. It also shows how, in the face of the crisis, this devaluation turns into a generalised condition. Future Suspended traces the rise of the authoritarian-financial complex and how this shrinks public space in the Greek capital, fuelling social despair and anger in return.

  • Ross Domoney

    Born in Great Britain in 1988, lives in Athens.

    Ross Domoney is a freelance filmmaker. His documentaries focus on social and human rights issues, urban geography, character studies and the effect of political protest on cities, authorities and underground movements. He has won awards for his documentaries, including the best film award at Short Cuts, Primecuts, the Audience Award at Thessaloniki Film Festival and Best Documentary at the European Independent Film Festival.