Light Horizon

Shot in the destroyed village of Ain Fit in the occupied Syrian Golan, where a woman meticulously tidies up a room in a ruined house. Maddah’s film poetically attempts capturing an individual’s efforts of creating intimacy and familiarity in a violent territory filled with tragedy and destruction.

  • Randa Maddah

    Born in Majdal Shams in the Golan Heights in 1983, lives in Majdal Shams.

    Randa Maddah graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus (sculpture department). She uses painting, etching, sculpture and video to work on the reality of the area she lives in, located between Syria and occupied Palestine. Her work was shown at Mediterranea 16 in Ancona, at Berlin’s Gallery M3 Kunsthalle, the Sakakeni Center in Bier Zeit, at Al Mahattah in Ramallah, the Al Ma’mal Art Foundation in Jerusalem as well as the Locarno Film Festival and the Rencontres Internationales des Cinémas Arabes in Marseille.