Patras – Dead End

Patras is one of Greece’s main ports on the Adriatic Sea, a few hundred kilometers west is the Italian coast. For the last 15 years, migrants have come to Patras because it is an exit gate, the last port of call for those hoping to carry on their journey to Western Europe. The film follows those who survive everyday life in Patras, who look back at the times when migrants made public demands, and wonder what the future holds.

  • Tracing Movements

    Tracing Movements is a collaborative film project, documenting collective and political resistance against a Europe, which tirelessly attempts to filter and control the movement of people across and within its borders.



  • Laura Maragoudaki

    Laura Maragoudaki is a visual artist and filmmaker based in Athens.

  • Sylvie Plannel

    Sylvie Plannel is a researcher, filmmaker and grassroots farmer based in the United Kingdom.

  • Matthieu Quillet

    Matthieu Quillet is an independent documentary filmmaker based in the south of France.