Split Normality

Athens in the throes of economic crisis, one year after the June 2011 riots. Τhe legacy of December, June and Syntagma Square is still hard to assess. Future social struggles, however, are surely bound to approach it again, in order to understand and, finally, transcend it.

  • Yiannis Biliris

    Born in Athens in 1980.

    Photographer and filmmaker Yiannis Biliris gained his professional experience in Athens, working in production houses and editing for the multi-award-winning documentary series Exandas. After a few years of working in his country, he is now exploring and experimenting with different horizons, leading him to travel through more than 50 countries.

    His photographs have won awards in different international competitions. Beside his photography work, he has also produced a number of short films, some screened at international film festivals.