The Immortal Sergeant

Shot in the heart of Damascus during the beginning of the revolution, the movie captures daily Damascene life. While the filmmaker is completing his mandatory military service in the Syrian army, he goes back to his home, where he sheds his military uniform and returns to his civilian life, working as an assistant director to filmmaker Mohammed Malas.

To make sense of this schizophrenic situation, he decides to take his camera and starts shooting a ‘making-of’ that will eventually go beyond Malas’ film.

  • Ziad Kalthoum

    Born in Homs in 1981, lives in Berlin.

    A graduate of the Cinema Institute in Russia, Ziad Kalthoum was the assistant director of several films by Syrian filmmakers notably Mohamed Malas and Talal Derki.

    Soon, he began working on his own documentary movies, particularly in 2011, the year of the uprisings. His film Aydil was filmed in the city of Kobani. Forced to leave Syria after filming The Immortal Sergeant, he directed Deek Beirut, his new film on Syrian workers in Beirut.